The TiMax SoundHub provides playback audio, EQ and an audio delay matrix in a single unit. The SoundHub may be used as a standalone unit controlling an entire audio environment or as part of a larger system installation.


Localizing sources:

When it is not possible to place the main loudspeakers where they need to be to create the image the SoundHub uses Haas effect delay, allowing the installer to place a small speaker at the time zero point source and then reinforce it with other speakers elsewhere. With the TiMax SoundHub the image is in the correct place and the coverage of the audience is complete.

Examples of this application would be:

Animatronic creatures where there is no space for the correct speakers.

Product launches, directing the audience attention to a specific place on a cue to watch a product reveal or a specific screen.

Immersion and the willing suspense of disbelief:

When the design calls for a truly immersive experience, creating a space where the audience believe they are part of the exhibit not simply hearing it on some speakers the TiMax SoundHub can create a series a preprogrammed environments on cue. Natural environments such as howling wind and rain or fly past of spacecraft can be made much more realistic without necessarily adding more speakers to your design.

In the Box

The TiMax Two SoundHub contains a 16-input x 16-output delay matrix, expandable to 64 x 64 in 2RU via additional DSP and I/O card-sets. MIDI and Ethernet control ports for timecode synchronization. Optional industry-standard audio networking interfaces include Cobranet, Ethersound, Dante and MADI. The system also provides input and output parametric EQ for source sweetening and room tuning, and built-in random access audio playback up to 64-tracks. 

Remote Control

Although the TiMax system comes with an intuitive mixing console like graphical interface sometimes it is necessary to provide a simplified set of specific controls and we offer this for iPad and Windows 8 touch screens using a miniServer and browser commands built to your exact requirements.


Connector Assembly

ipad remote ssos

timax ipad

iphone organ recorder

TiMax Install

organ tuning remote