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TIMax and 1602 GROUP at INFOCOMM 2012 BOOTH C10641:

This year at InfoComm 1602 Group will be demonstrating the TiMax SoundHub, TiMax Tracker and external control surfaces using iPad, iPhone. We also have a system in the L-Acoustics demo room at N106.

In its Soundhub-S format the TiMax2 control software provides sound designers with an advanced real-time audio showcontrol machine for running live shows and events.

The Soundhub-R version gives systems integrators and contractors a comprehensive set of audio routing, mixing, processing and playback resources with versatile remote control options. 

New to Infocomm this year is the TiMax SoundHub-M. The M-Version is targeted towards museums and visitor attractions to provide a multi-channel playback server linked with audio localisation to bring a higher level of message impact and immersion to the all-important visitor experience.  
The M-Version is a streamlined TiMax2 Soundhub tailored as a museum playback server and matrix, with versions ranging from 32 up to 64 outputs/audio-tracks with just 8 inputs for key external sources such as show relay and announcements. In line with its usage requirements, the unit has a plain front panel with no display or controls, as a means to reduce costs and meet the highly competitive price points in this sector.

The compact 2U TiMax SoundHub chassis provides 16 input and 16 outputs in analog or AES3 format which is expandable up to 64x64. Optional industry-standard audio networking interfaces include Cobranet and Ethersound and MADI. The system also provides input and output parametric EQ for source sweetening and room tuning, and built-in audio playback and recording up to 64-tracks.

TiMax Tracker adds accurate real time radio position tracking of actors or other moving objects for accurate 3D sound positioning.

iPad and Wireless Control panels create quickly customized control surfaces controlling TiMax Audio and other applications over wireless ethernet via a 1602 mini-server.

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