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Remote Control of the TiMax SoundHub Audio Matrix:

The TiMax SoundHub is a highly customisable audio processor and is often used to control soundscapes in specific installations. Although the network computer control provides a full suite of commands it is necessary to supply a reduced set of controls for specific installations.

1602 Group provides a design service to provide custom apps for iPad and other platforms. The applications are server based and so do not require downloads and approvals from hardware vendors and their on-line stores.

Simple controls can be created to start a user defined selection of cues from a smartphone.

The illustrated example shows a simple playback screen of 8 channels and 20 pre-selected cues. The cues can be customised in the setup screen to change the button labels and the the cues they fire in the TiMax.

A second screen is available to control output levels.

Applications are branded to the installation if required and any layout of controls is available and can because the system is local server based can be upgraded easily by downloading a new datafile from us and loading it into the server. Our WAN based control network can also, with your permission make those changes for you.

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