InfoComm 2013 Orlando.

In the past year TiMax SoundHub has been installed for museum exhibits ranging from cartoon characters and coal miners to dinosaurs and space shuttles, in addition to many live shows around the world. A full functioned show controller with multitrack playback for the price of a loudspeaker DSP, TiMax continues to gain popularity among sound designers and integrators.

This year we are at Infocomm Booth 1353 in the audio section. Meet with factory experts to discuss the full scope of this exciting product including the RF based TiMax Tracker automation system. Call and ask us for a free VIP pass.

1602 Group at USITT in Milwaukee March 2013

We will be showing the latest TiMax SoundHub Panspace software and the TiMax Tracker at the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) convention.

1602 Group gets immersive with Coca-Cola in London's Olympic Park.

Coke Beat Box

Coca-Cola Beatbox is “a gradual helter-skelter experience through synchronized audio made largely from the sounds athletes make”. 1602 Group in partnership with Outboard Electronics produced a custom iPad control surface to allow real-time control of the audio experience.

 “What looks like an app is actually a web page hosted on the server and called up like an app via a home-page button,” explains Out Board’s Dave Haydon. “This means that each implementation can be fully customised for the client’s application and also run other IP-controllable devices in the installation beyond just the TiMax SoundHub.

“To a large extent this is an experimental venue, so zone levels and other characteristics are hard to predict until actually filled with excited people,” continues Haydon. “Discreet control of TiMax SoundHub by iPad was essential for the Coca-Cola creatives to continually optimise the impact and immersion of the finale to the whole experience, as you enter the interior. The idea is that, while the exterior interactive cushions cause jaws to drop and excitement to build, the party atmosphere and mini-shows encountered inside will send people away with smiles on their faces. Maintaining proper energy levels without being overpowering is essential to this end. I’ve also given them four TiMax 3D spatialisation panning cues on the iPad to play with as the mood takes them.”

iPad Beat-box

1602 shows TiMax M series and iPad control surface at InfoComm 2012

1602 Group launched the iPad and iPhone control of the TiMax SoundHub audio matrix at InfoComm 2012 in Las Vegas.

The M-Version is targeted towards museums and visitor attractions to provide a multi-channel playback server linked with audio localisation to bring a higher level of message impact and immersion to the all-important visitor experience.  
The M-Version is a streamlined TiMax2 Soundhub tailored as a museum playback server and matrix, with versions ranging from 32 up to 64 outputs/audio-tracks with just 8 inputs for key external sources such as show relay and announcements. In line with its usage requirements, the unit has a plain front panel with no display or controls, as a means to reduce costs and meet the highly competitive price points in this sector.

Dave Haydon explains, “No other single box offers a similar combination of facilities for routing, EQ and delay processing, zone control, playback, spatialisation and showcontrol - the savings on hardware and installation costs are significant.  We go further by including options for industry-standard networking such as Cobranet, Ethersound, Dante and MADI, with an AVB interface waiting in the wings for the final industry committee ratification."

Duncan Crundwell's booth interview from rAVe [Publications]

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1602 at NRF with Neo Products and Microsoft

This January Fujifilm launched the Order-It Ultimate at the National Retail Federation show in New York. Based around Microsoft® Surface® running on the new Samsung SUR40 touchscreen system. 1602 Group was responsible for tech support for the custom system developed by Neo and Fuji.

John McCormack demonstrates the Fujifilm Enclosure by NeoProducts designed for the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface. Watch on YouTube

Jan Bach demonstrates the Fujifilm Order-It Ultimate application by SYZYGY designed for the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface. Watch on YouTube

Neo Products North American Service

1602 Group is pleased to announce its appointment to represent Neo Products in operating product support to Neo's customers in USA and Canada.  From our USA base in Alexandria, VA we will be carrying a range of spares and be operating Neo's return to base warranty policy from this location. With over 20 years experience in providing product support services in the USA we are looking forward to applying this expertise in supporting Neo's customers.

1602 Takes control at the Royal wedding!

The principal source of accompaniment for the royal wedding was of course the 1937 Pipe Organ by Harrison and Harrison. The automation system provided by 1602 Group in 1982 and updated in 2006 allows the organist to recall presets at will to control the 143 stop controls and numerous others.  Information from the 5 keyboards and pedal keys is delivered to the 9,147 pipes in real time by the MultiSystem network processors spread across the Abbey.  The system was installed in 2006 and in daily use since.
1602 Group provides controls for thousands of pipe organs in 24 countries.

Westminster Abbey Organ Console


Watch Duncan Crundwell, interviewed by rAVe publications on the infoComm booth.