With the introduction of low cost high performance touch screens such as the iPad and Windows 10 computers, 1602 Group has developed a flexible control system for our products and to control third party equipment. The 1602 dedicated micro server provides a closed network wireless system that communicates directly with our system to produce events and respond to external control.

  • Application: TiMax SoundHub
    The TiMax SoundHub network controlled audio matrix required a portable remote control with a reduced selection of customizable features. more..
  • Application: Las Vegas show controller
    A live show over four city blocks with 3 stages, a street and the world's largest video screen requires sophisticated control but also split second response. A touchscreen running Windows 8 breaks down the tasks to a highly ergonomic workspace. more..
  • Application: Corporate event
    A high profile corporate event required interactive sound control by marketing executives. Basing a set of cues and faders around an iPad with wireless control allowed them to interact with the customers while controlling a complex sound system.
  • Application: Pipe Organ Recorder
    Space on a pipe organ console is limited and a classical musical instrument is not the best place for high tech controls. Moving the control surface to an iPhone gives advanced features without compromising the historic instrument. more..
  • Application: Remote Tuning Keypad
    Enables control of a vast instrument from a hand-held device, reduces the job from two to one people. Sometimes it is necessary to "touch up the reeds" before a wedding and there is no-one to help. more..


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